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Whitey On The Moon

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On the way to the stars : "Whitey On The Moon", by Well Well...

With this new funky number Well Well... pays tribute to Gil Scott-Heron's battle for the emancipation of the African-American community in the United-States.

It is a rejuvenated rendition of his famous poem "Whitey On The Moon" that will make you dance and provides a thought provoking inverted version of colours.




Short Trailer

Last Dance



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Well Well is a Belgian group whose music is somewhere in between pop and acoustic rock.


The original concept was conceived in 2018 by Thierry Plas, guitarist and Patrick Riguelle, singer.


The long-time friends spent several months working on a album and in order to realize their project they needed other partners and turned to Eva Hautekiet on keyboard, François Garny on bass and Jean-Pierre Onraedt on drums to fine-tune the arrangements and thus achieve the group’s musical identity.


This judicious get - together produced the 2019 album « Oil on Water ».


It would be too long to list all the respective references regarding these musicians/composers/producers. The four gentlemen and their lady shared various stages or studios with  Arno, Machiavel, Vaya Con Dios, Maurane, JMX, Rapsat, Billy Preston, Bashung… just to name a few.


After a series of concerts, photographer and film-maker Pierre Pironet and his crew recorded and filmed the entire live concert held at « Het Huys ».


The group is now releasing its new single ‘’Whitey On The Moon’’.

Picture by Aurélie Elich



Pictures by Aurélie Elich - Pierre Pironet - Julian Hills - Loreta Mander





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